Zuma Legend 1.3

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Zuma is dropping a bomb with its new luxury version, A must-have game for Zuma fans.Classic shooter combined with gorgeous style and refined special effects, retains its position in the U.S. game list TOP10.Game background Mysterious Maya predict when the fourth era of sun ends, human will experience doomsday coming!Only after withstanding those challenges, one can obtain the key to rescue the world.Gameplay --Different colored balls slide along the track, player need to prevent the balls from falling into witch doctor\'s mouth.--Tap screen to make your smart shots and eliminate 3 or above same colored balls. Game wins upon all balls elimination on track.Tag: bubble, shoot, shooter, shot, pop, bust, burst, ball, mite, breaker, egg, bubbles, balls, world, ban, trung, bắn, trứng, bóng, bong, "bắn trứng", "ban trung", khung, khủng, long, deluxe, pro, classic, "bubble shooter" "bubble blast" "bubble blaster" "bubble shot", island, crazy, jungle, jungles, islands, season,aqua, online, game, games, app, free, buster, burst, blaster, play, world, download, android, town, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, pop, struggle, breaker, 3d, bobble, absolutist, star,zuma,blast

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Size: 4.60 MB

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Price: Free

Downloads last week: 20

Operating System: Handheld/Mobile Other

Publisher: X2X Games

Release Date: 2013-06-09

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